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 Tears, fights, yelling every night, 
destroys your family life.

"Visual Secrets" are activities and techniques that 
develop  Specific Strategies Important For Easy learning.

Do you want your kids to have less homework and better grades?

Do you remember when your child loved to learn new things? 
When did That JOY stop? 

Often when a child continues to fail and is always wrong the joy to learn new things is lost. 

With the lost joy comes feelings of poor self-Esteem and acting out. 

> Your child was such a successful preschooler, loved going to school! 

> he had so much fun doing new things. 

> The joy ended when homework started to take hours to complete, And

> he still ended up with red marks all over his papers. 

> He learned pretty quickly that failure was no fun, And

> if he stoppped trying he at least wouldn't always be wrong.

Guilt, shame, and sadness are common feelings parents face when their child struggles with school. 

"What if we try harder, work all night and on weekends?"

"Maybe we need a tutor."

"Should we have held her back?"

"I wonder what is wrong, we never had these difficulties when we were in school."

It does not have to be this way! There are easy answers to reduce your child's struggles.
I thought he was smart...
Intelligent children will struggle with school work when they have a vision problem stopping them from understanding the information. 
Visual Secrets will change his life. 
She hates homework and school...
Constant failure makes all learning a negative situation. It is hard to enjoy something that is hard and even with tons of effort the results are the same. 
School should be fun & interesting.
He won't even try anymore...
Your child is not lazy. It is easier to stop trying than to work hard for hours and hours, but still continue to fail or be constantly told you are wrong. 
Success helps build confidence. 
It is not your fault...with Visual Secrets your student can be successful and happy to learn.

Ready to Learn How To Help Your Kids?

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Introducing the "Visual Secrets for School Success" strategies that help your student Read Faster, Write Better and Master Math and Spelling,
and still have time for fun. 

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Poor visual learning skills can lead to...

  • Slow readers
  • Inability to think of what to write
  • ​Poor spellers
  • ​Headaches
  • ​Difficulty figuring out math problems
Break Free From the Struggle with these 
Easy to Follow Strategies...  

Get Started Right Away!

"One of the best programs I have ever done for my kids, 
thank you Dr. Brenda." 
I highly recommend this program because it not only provided me with excellent strategies to help my kids be successful at learning but also the ideas that you can implement for homework time are invaluable.  This is one of the best programs that I have done for my kids., I cannot say enough great things about it. 
---Monica, Mom of Four

Dr. Montecalvo does an amazing job of condensing her many years of experience and understanding of vision and learning. She puts it at a level that is helpful for all parents as well as their kids. 
---Tressa , Parent of Three

"I can't believe how much Dr. Brenda's Visual Secret Strategies have 
helped my kids."
The material is given in a way that was 
approachable and un-intimidating 
(even if you are new to to these ideas), 
yet at a level that keeps  everyone engaged. 
--- Heather , Parent of Two

Dr. Montecalvo provides a wealth of information in an enjoyable organized manner. This has been so helpful.
---Linda , Grandmother of Ten

A great program easy to understand and I can implement the material covered right away. 
--- Albert, Dad of Two

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